Millions of people have travelled to Australia and millions more still want to go or return. For newcomers, it’s important they find the best travel advice possible, especially for their first excursion there and this includes searching and finding the best deals on flights to Brisbane.

There are several excellent online sites that are devoted exclusively to Australian travel. They don’t just tell you about airfares and hotel costs and reservations. They go into great depth and detail on important aspects such as the best time to visit, the essential destinations and famous tourist attractions, as well as the best way to navigate across the terrain if you’re into seeing part of the beautiful continent on foot in small areas.

Once you arrive in Australia, you’ll indeed find that most of the tourist offices are extremely helpful. They’re more than willing to answer all of your pertinent questions. No question is really considered too silly or naive, since they’ve heard most everything before and understand that for many travellers there’s simply an overwhelming amount of information and knowledge to acquire.

One of the best places to find advice is to make some online Aussie friends. They will be more than happy to form a long distance relationship with you for the very same reasons you want to form one with them. The companionship, knowledge sharing, and overall personal connectivity with another friendly human being are the main reasons.

But you’ll find that some Aussies are much more knowledgeable and giving than others. Some simply have more experience with living and travelling around the continent. Others are more guarded and may not want you to get too involved with their intimate daily lives, but they’re still willing to share what they can to make you a better informed traveller.

Moreover, there’s a plethora of excellent travel books on Australia. You can find these either online or in major chain bookstores. Even some of the smaller independent shops have extensive travel sections with plenty of information on overseas travel. These handy guides can be a real blessing and an exceptional opportunity to immerse yourself in everything Australian, weeks or even months before your actual trip.

You can also try to tap the brains of your own homeland tourist offices. Many of them have specialists in foreign travel, and plenty are highly educated about Australia. They’re usually quite friendly and willing to indulge you in their large knowledge base of information pertaining to travelling there when you wish.