Sydney CBD skyline

It is not always possible to combine business with pleasure. However, if you’re travelling to Sydney on business, you are in for a real treat. Sydney is amongst the top three favourite corporate travel destinations for business travellers in Australia. When you require corporate furnished accommodation in Sydney, Furnished Properties Pty Ltd is your best choice as they have plenty of options from which to choose.

Darling Harbour, just west of the CBD and easily accessible by monorail, is a popular locale for many corporate travellers. Darling Harbour has nearly 40 restaurants at three separate locations, plenty of entertainment options, shopping, cinema and theatre, and even weekly yoga and tai chi classes. All your needs can be accommodated in one spot as you enjoy the comfort and convenience of your own furnished corporate apartment.

Two kilometres southwest of Sydney’s CBD, the suburb of Pyrmont is also popular with corporate travellers. Pyrmont is a great option for those trying to live a healthier, ethical, or more sustainable lifestyle. It offers a variety of restaurants, from modern Australian with the freshest seafood to Asian, Mediterranean, and European flavours. Pyrmont also provides plenty of alternatives for business travellers to stay in shape or get fit, including yoga, belly dancing, and aerobics classes.

Balmain is particularly seductive to the business traveller who has his or her family along. This pretty suburb located on the Balmain peninsula is just a bit west of the CBD and a short ferry ride from Circular Quay. With stunning views of Port Jackson, family-friendly cafes and restaurants, and eclectic boutiques, this suburb has everything a young family could want.

Corporate travellers to Sydney can benefit immensely from the comfort and spaciousness a furnished corporate apartment provides, as opposed to often-costlier hotels. The added benefits of work spaces and the connectivity of a furnished apartment make working after hours even easier. Adjust to your home away from home with all the amenities you need during your stay in Sydney in a private, spacious corporate furnished apartment.