Bondi Beach in Sydney

It’s not every day one gets to mix business and pleasure, but I plan on doing just that over the next two days. I’m in Sydney for the next 48 hours. Although I’ve got several business meetings on my agenda, I plan on doing plenty in between. Once I get settled into my Sydney executive rental, the fun will begin.

A swim at Bondi is an obvious must-do. This world-renowned beach is all sun, sand, surf, and laid-back coolness. The bright sky and the brilliant water are beckoning to me even now.

Not far from the CBD is Oxford Street in Paddington. Oxford Street is home to cafés and bars, pubs and bookshops, coffee and wine bars, high end fashion and Australian design shops, body and hair care and more. I could spend hours walking down this street and never get bored.

A walk through the Botanic Gardens will be both relaxing and educational. The Botanic Gardens have a record number of native plants and more than a million plant specimens total. The views of the harbour and the Sydney skyline from the Gardens are simply spectacular.

I can’t think of a better way to cap off a full day’s worth of meetings than with a beer at The Rocks; can you? The history of Sydney comes alive in The Rocks, and the many microbreweries, pubs, and lively bars allow you to sit and literally drink in the ambiance in the village’s historic buildings.

My daughter wrangled a promise out of me to pick her up something from Newtown. She loves the Boho-chic vintage fashion that’s all the rage there. I’ll also grab a little something for myself at one of its quaint bookshops.

After that, I’ll enjoy a drink and a meal at the Opera Bar in the late afternoon. Delicious yam crisps, the freshest seafood, and elegant Australian wine will be the perfect ending to my trip to Sydney.

At the end of the day, I’ll sit back and reflect upon my visit, enjoying the views of this magnificent city from my corporate apartment in Sydney.