Whether you are visiting as a student, on holiday, or for business, there are plenty of accommodation options in Sydney. Soak up the culture, taste the unique flavours of the many dining options, go sightseeing, or just visit one of Sydney’s many sunny beaches. You’ll find that this world-class city is truly one of a kind. Explore Sydney from whatever accommodations suit you best, in a hotel or a comfortably furnished apartment.

If you will be staying less than two weeks, a hotel may be a good choice for you. Although hotels generally provide few choices when it comes to location, they also have certain benefits, like convenience and service. Five-star hotel accommodations in Sydney tend to be located around the Rocks, and their guests often enjoy magnificent views of the skyline and gorgeous Sydney Harbour. For those who prefer beachfront views or locations in the CBD, three- and four-star hotels are available, often with prices that are substantially more affordable for those who are on a budget.

If you are on a longer holiday or a student, a serviced apartment may better meet your needs. A serviced apartment in Sydney can provide you with all the convenience of a hotel as well as the privacy and comfort of your own space. Generally more affordable for longer stays, a serviced apartment also gives you more choices when it comes to locations, and you can choose from either water or city views.

Furnished corporate apartments are another option for Sydney accommodations. Business travellers often find that taking advantage of corporate apartments frees them up to concentrate on their day-to-day responsibilities. Additionally, Internet access can help facilitate communication when they are away from the office. As with serviced apartments, locations for furnished corporate apartments are available across Sydney, with both water and city views and convenient access to the CBD and public transportation.