Before booking a flight, it is crucial to know the basics of getting the best deal on your flight to Sydney. After all, the less money you spend on tickets, the more money you can afford to spend exploring! Here are the basics of flying to Sydney, Australia.

Airlines with flights to Sydney from the US: US Airways, Delta, United, Continental, Hawaiian, Jetstar, Qantas (Lesser known ones like Air Canada, Gulf Air, and Air New Zealand may be the most cost effective)

Weather in Sydney: Different people are partial to different types of weather. Determining the best time of year for you to fly to Sydney depends on what type of weather you like best. On average, February is the warmest month, July sports the coolest temperatures, and March brings the most precipitation. Depending on your preferences, visit Sydney at a time of year when you will enjoy the weather the most.

Best time to book a flight: Your personal schedule will be the main factor in planning your trip, but some times of the year are cheaper to visit than others. Around November and December, flight prices increase due to Christmas and New Years festivities.

Interesting places to visit in Sydney: Sydney is home to numerous beaches. In addition to getting some sun, you can visit the sky-high Sydney Tower, climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, see a concert in the Opera House or get wild at the Taronga Zoo.

Best way to book a flight: Booking online gives you a chance to shop around for the lowest prices. Try using multiple departure dates to see what is going to cost you the least. Avoiding flying on holidays and weekends will likely save you some money. If you decide to use a travel agent, keep in mind that you are going to pay them for the work that you could be doing yourself.

See you down under, mate!