Sydney CBD skyline

Whether you are visiting Sydney for business or on holiday, you need reliable transportation. Sydney flights travel can take you throughout the city or across the country. All major and capital cities in Australia fly into and out of Sydney, and many major global cities schedule flights into Sydney as well. (read more)

Flying can be an expensive proposition, but it is often the fastest, easiest method of transportation, particularly when long distances are involved. You can save on your Sydney flights by timing your visit for off-peak seasons or by travelling mid-week or during late-night or early morning hours. Researching and booking your flights online can help you compare costs and choose the flight that best meets your personal budget needs.

Once in Sydney, your visit can be enriched by a visit to Paddington markets, a trip to The Rocks, a walk along the waterfront or a surfing adventure off Bondi Beach. Travelling from place to place in Sydney can be easy thanks to the Monorail and light rail. The Monorail can be a destination in itself, providing visitors with a one-of-a-kind aerial view of the harbour city. It provides convenient access to the heart of Sydney, while the light rail travels into the more distant suburbs of the city. You can take it to the fish markets or use it to get to Bicentennial Park for a relaxing bike ride.

Travelling to any location across the harbour can be speedier on a ferry or water taxi. Ferries and water taxis provide one of the best ways to experience the harbour and view Sydney’s scenic skyline. Casual trips on ferries and water taxis cruise past such landmarks as Fort Denison, the Taronga Zoo and the Sydney Opera House and give you the opportunity to enjoy the views of untouched bushlands before depositing you at your final destination.

Other transportation options include buses, taxis and car hires. To save on costs, you can purchase the CityHopper ticket, which provides you with unlimited train or bus travel in certain districts. The SydneyPass provides unlimited travel on CityRail trains, buses, and ferries within a specific area. The DayRover is a day pass that provides unlimited travel for a single day on buses, trains, and ferries.