Australia is truly a vast continent, just a bit smaller than the entire United States with diverse environments from red sands to verdant rainforests to picturesque beaches. Travelling from city to city may take from several days in a car to several hours in a plane. Australia travel and flights crisscross into all capital cities.

Australia’s capital cities have thriving travel industries catering to commercial travellers and tourists both, and each city’s unique personality is on display for all their visitors’ enjoyment. If you’re travelling for business, booking flights and staying in city hotels, take the time to stop and see some of what makes each area so unique.

Canberra is the capital of Australia and a major tourist hub. The seat of the federal government, this scenic city is surrounded by small villages, wineries, and wild bushland. Sydney is an extremely popular destination for tourists and business travellers alike and a major player in the world’s financial industry. If you’re travelling to Sydney on business, you’re in for a real treat. Sydneysiders work hard and play hard, enjoying the finest dining and the freshest seafood in between times.

Melbourne is another common destination for corporate travel. Melbourne caters to business travellers with conventions centres and venues ideally suited for large groups. Travel is facilitated by a top notch public transportation system, and Melbourne’s thousands of hotels are often within a quick walk of dining and entertainment options to keep travellers busy during their off-hours.

Adelaide’s thriving arts community and Mt. Lofty attract culture and hobby enthusiasts alike. Brisbane has a quiet, small-town atmosphere and pleasant climate that appeals to many people. Darwin is a city relatively new in terms of its population, but its natural setting is stunning with Kakadu and the Tiwis right on its doorstep. Hobart’s laid back yachting culture blends seamlessly if unusually with its distinguished colonial style. Perth’s remote location gives it a distinctly sophisticated atmosphere, with fine restaurants, laid-back bars, and pristine beaches.

You may be working, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in some play time when you are travelling Australia for business.