aerial view of Sydney Harbour

When flying domestically in Australia, you want to be assured of the best deal possible and when you are travelling corporate this is essential. Corporate travel has been a mainstay in Australia for many years for businesses needing flights to the major destinations in Australia, such as Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Cairns and Sydney.

These last two are a particular hotbed of flight activity, due to Sydney being Australia’s biggest financial centre, businesses have a pressing need to fly there from all over the country. Cairns is situated on the north east coast of Australia in the state of Queensland. Cairns is a popular destination with travellers due to its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, which is the worlds largest reef.

Travellers who visit Cairns also like to head into Far North Queensland, Far North Queensland is a region with over 70 National parks and supports a great deal of agriculture. Cairns itself is prone to tropical cyclones due to its tropical climate, these cyclones usually form in the summer months between November and May.

Flying from the Great Barrier Reef to the harbour city is common for businesses in the area and corporate travellers can find flights from Cairns to Sydney, especially when travelling on business with a group. Websites such as Sydney Flights Accommodation and Totally Australia are always offering good deals on commercial flights as well as regular.

Corporate travellers may wish to also check with the airlines themselves as they may be interested in opening some sort of account with them if the flights from Cairns to Sydney are going to be a regularity. Qantas offer a service known as Business Direct, which stores information about frequent flyers and business credit cards which saves time on travelling, there’s also the option of booking online and downloading monthly travel reports.

Virgin Australia offers priority check in and access to Virgin Australia lounge at the airport, business travellers enjoy comfortable seats with lots of leg room, complimentary cocktails and premium food in flight. The other airlines offer similar benefits to flying corporate with them.

Additionally, flights from Cairns to Sydney are operated by all the major Australian airways, such as Jetstar, Qantas, Virgin Australia and Tiger airways. There are over 940,000 people who travel between Cairns and Sydney each year, making it one of the busiest domestic flight routes in Australia. There are approximately 13 flights a day from Cairns that go to Sydney, it is a non stop route that lasts almost 3 hours. Finding the best deal on flights from Cairns to Sydney is quite easy when you are flying corporate.

Business travellers are sure to find the best deals on flights from Cairns to Sydney just by shopping around online. The internet is the most powerful tool when searching for good domestic flight deals in Australia and the many websites and budget airlines that are available regularly run competitive and low prices for travellers who like to save on their airfare.