Sydney is Australia’s gateway and is considered to be one of the world’s most competitive locations for a successful business. New South Wales is Australia’s leading business state, and Sydney is its capital.

This city offers an excellent global location for businesses for many reasons. Offices are less expensive than in other major cities. There are lower salaries for what are highly skilled workers. Operating costs are economical. Australia has only a 30 per cent company income tax rate. The State Government increases interest for businesses to locate there because of lower power bills, reducing port charges, and other appealing features such as a streamlined approvals process for land-use planning.

The main businesses in Sydney include a world-class telecommunications infrastructure, creative industries such as film and television, manufacturers of products from medical devices to aerospace and defense, and a variety of others. Sydney is also the financial hub not only for Australia but also for the Asia Pacific.

Sydney corporate accommodations allow participants to mix business and pleasure in an enjoyable way, read more about furnished apartment accommodation and what options are available. After a day of serious business discussions and exhibitions, in the evening more business deals can be accomplished over dinner in excellent restaurants in your chosen hotel.

With its being situated in one of the world’s most temperate climates, Sydney represents not only a beautiful place to locate a business but also an excellent place to hold business meetings for staff and customers to come from all over the world. There are huge discounts for business conferences in what is a very professional atmosphere.

Also offered are swimming pools, saunas, massages, and more ways to be pampered. You can go off-site to some of the famous sites in Sydney such as the Opera House by the harbour which is Sydney’s “crowning jewel”.